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Mediation Procedure

training-home-newOutline of the General Procedure in Mediation

1.Initial contact with solicitors/parties (may include request for preliminary information). Screening for suitability and safety for mediation.  Parties are free and encouraged to contact his or her own solicitor at any time in the procedure.

2.  Meeting with the parties:

a. Retainer review and signing.
b. Discussion of process.
c. Discussion of family history including decision making, finances, anger management...
d. Determination of best process for managing separation: mediation? court? etc.
e. Determination of goals.
f. If children, then "Plan of Care"
g. Appropriate referrals.
h. Homework: Information gathering.

3. Second Meeting:

a. Information review
b. (if Children: Plan of Care)
c. Financial options consideration
d. (Subsequent meetings may be necessary to complete required information.)
e. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): detailing issues that appear to be resolved. (This document is unsigned and
    does not constitute a domestic contract.)

4. Opportunity for Independent Legal Advice to consider MOU and consideration of any feedback coming from such advice.

5. Final visit:

a. If advisable,

i. Memorandum of Understanding signing.
ii. alternatively, preparation of draft separation agreement in absence of parties which is then sent to the   solicitors/parties for their consideration.

b. feedback and adjustments
c. signing of final separation agreement